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Every good product should be user friendly and accessible. We understand this perfectly which is why we have professionally designed our program with an intention of getting you started with ease and keep you going from the first click of your mouse.


When it comes to maintenance, we appreciate how valuable and precious your time is. This is why we at VicTheme have professionally utilize clean coding, thereby giving you more opportunity to spend more time than you should while working on your site.


VicTheme provides you with excellence and powerful features which you wouldn’t want to miss. Our powerful features cuts across all our products done in clean codes giving you the capability of empowering your websites even further and better.

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VicTheme are designed and structured to suite both novices and experts with ease of use. Our themes in various categories are all comes with simple graph-based Administration Panel makes each and every theme perfect for novice while still accommodating advanced users at the same time.

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When it comes to developing a dynamic and responsive website, plugins are just what make it perfect and we have lots of option to choose from as an additional add-on that will suite your website. We've also packed in all the necessary features you'll need to quickly develop attractive, effective and professional websites.

Our Amazing
Support Team

Because we understand that you deserve the best when it comes to online presence, VicTheme provides you with all the support you need to understand how to install your theme and plugin with little or no stress. Most amazingly, our theme documentations comes with both text and video documentation that are necessary to guide you through every single process. Both are available directly within our product as part of our excellent support.

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Testimonial words

As professionals, VicTheme have had clients who have use our products and are amazed at our high quality and performance more also, we have been complimented on our design quality, documentation quality, and customer support… We hope you can enjoy your stay as much as they do!

Very nice work, I would buy other theme of this quality. management admin theme excellent ! Also support from VicTheme is fast and helpful. Don't hesitate, just buy it and love it.

About Us

VicTheme is made up of small team which started with two people with one loving everything about dynamic, professional and unique design and the other a perfectionist who loves writing sweet lines of codes that produces amazing results.
One thing in common, both shares the same taste and are rapid Coffee drinker.

Our Work Ethics

We are focused on giving you what is trending and needful for your online presence and so we focus on building powerful tools, features and plugins that are actually need for your business.

These will make you enjoy all the benefits of installing a powerful theme with functional codes through an easy to build WordPress tool kit.

Our motivation

As we are both a vivid driver and car lovers who are very much enjoying our rides in this journey where there is no end when you are working in a Software development industry because everything is changing and moving so quickly.
In order to flow we have to keep up the pace and motivate us to bring our users to the next level.